About Chef Oz

Chef Oz

Chef Oz - Blarney Stone Seattle Pub and Restaurant Kitchen

Chef Oz – Blarney Stone Seattle Pub

Born in San Diego California, and now residing in the PNW as Executive Chef/ Culinary
consultant of the Blarney Stone & Owner of Chef Ozzie.

Growing up I give all the credit to my Grandmother for my passion and love for food.

As a kid my grandmother had a green thumb every herb and vegetable you could think of was
grown within grasp in her backyard. Also my caretaker while my parents were at work.

By the age of 10 my cousins and I learned a lot about cooking, herbs, the basics of seasoning, soups &
sauces. As time followed, in my teens I worked as a waiter at the Topeka Country Club of
Kansas while I attended College @ Washburn University.
From there it began seeing the professionalism within a 5 star kitchen and my urge to be a part of a great team.

I had the opportunity to train under Chef Harry Davis. During My Jr. Chef Internship I took classes @
Stratford University of New York and continued working at the Topeka Country club for 10 years
as Chef De Partie.

Continuing my passion I moved on and landed a lead position with
WolfGang Puck in the PNW.

Most favorable, technical culinary experiences of my career was under
the talented Executive Chef Alice Seo running catering contracts for Microsoft. Throughout the
contract under Chef Alice I learned what it took to be a Chef.

At the age of 35 I’m A father to my lovely Daughter Carmen which drives me every day
to be better at my craft. I’m also a full-time business Owner of my own Company And Executive Chef of
the Blarney Stone Pub in Seattle.

People often ask ,”What type of Chef are you”?  I reply with SAVORY.
Cooking is love made visible. That’s what my Grandmother embedded in my roots.