Five Benefits of Drinking Wine


Can drinking wine really make you healthier? Or is it one of those news reports to convince you to keep on drinking? For wine lovers like you, this might just be the best news you’d ever get today – drinking wine comes with five health benefits. Of course, moderate drinking is still a must to enjoy the benefits without getting yourself drunk each night. Just before you go to sleep tonight, get yourself a glass of your favourite wine and think about these five health benefits that come with it:

Wine and Health

  • Wine drinking promotes longevity. The mortality rate of those who drink wine at a moderate rate are 34% lower than those who would rather drink beer or hard spirit drinkers.
  • Wine drinking reduces the risks of suffering from a heart attack. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure or not, you are 30% less likely to suffer from a heart attack if you have an ounce of wine every night.
  • Drinking wine could also save you from developing deadly heart diseases. Red wine, for example, contains Procyanidins that protect the heart from deadly diseases. If you have access to wines from Sardinia or any county from the south of France, they are said to contain more Procyanidins.
  • Wine helps reduce the risk of high blood sugar. Since diabetes is one of the famous lifestyle diseases, it has been found that wine drinking helps reduce increase in sugar level of those with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Are you worried about suffering from stroke? Then you must be in luck because drinking wine can save you from suffering from one. It drops the possibility of you suffering from a stroke by as much as 50%.

Whether you are a wine lover or not, after finding out the top five benefits of drinking a glass every night, you will be turned into one. It is not about being an alcoholic, but it is about incorporating it into a healthier lifestyle. The next time you look for a restaurant in Seattle, you might want to consider those that offer a great wine selection.